WorldCup -Last round

Enviei hoje o mail que abaixo se transcreve ao meu amigo Stephan Becker que por esta altura se diverte à grande por terras de Santa Cruz:

My dear friend.

First of all I hope that you are doing good and had enough fun because from this momment on you are done. 

It goes like this.

As you know I am a man of multiple skills.

I arranged a special session of the Portuguese Parliament and they have approved a task force with  two goals (stupid word):

1 - Germany will strike the bloody americans with  5-0;
2 - Portugal will smash the @#%&?*+ ghanese with an attonishing three nil

Under my proposal and, considering that you are already in the field and after I describe your long and beautiful curriculum, they also appoint you as the Great Leader for the task force with a magnificent three minutes standing ovation.

I also obtain from FIFA's General Assembly a special authorization to send to Brazil an A - 380 full of portuguese footballers because we really don't know how many of them will fall in the first and second training sessions.    

Last but not the least I had a special meeting with Our Lady of Fátima (it's only 30 kms between our houses) and, lucky you, Marcos Reus is cured and can join "die Mannshaft".

Two days of real hard work.



PS: What are you doing? Leave the internet and put your hands on the job. The clock is ticking   

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